Why did Infusionsoft change it’s name to Keap?

Building a brand takes a long time, and requires a massive amount of effort, so when a company undergoes major branding changes it can leave you asking “Why would they do that? Why not just keep their brand the same?”


Well… sometimes it’s just best to pivot and go in a new direction! That’s what Keap decided to do and here’s why…



There are a couple of reasons why the Infusionsoft team decided to change their name to Keap. One of them is to acknowledge the determination it takes for small business owners to keep going.


In their own words:

”The word Keap embodies the grit and passion every small business owner brings to their day to keep going, keep serving, and keep growing.” – The Keap Team


If you’re a small-business owner, like I am, that statement should resonate with you a bit. It’s not easy… it requires a seemingly endless supply of determination, so “Keap” definitely seems to resonate with me more than the name ”Infusionsoft” does.



In today’s day and age, simplicity is extremely important.


I mean… what’s the point of people developing tons of amazing technology if not to make life easier?


Keap’s goal is to make their products more simple, that way they can make running a business easier for small-business owners.


The name “Infusionsoft” just didn’t really fit in with that theme…


So they changed it!


Infusionsoft By Keap Or Keap Max Classic, Which Is It?

During the rebranding process, the Keap team seems to have been trying a few things out.

At first, they were going to hang onto the “Infusionsoft” name by calling their premium product “Infusionsoft by Keap”, while introducing a new line of Keap products.


Now, it appears they decided to convert the “Infusionsoft” product over to a Keap-branded product called “Keap Max Classic”.


Don’t worry though, it’s still the same product… they just changed the name to make their branding more consistent.



  • If I use Infusionsoft should I switch to Keap?
    Most likely not… if you’re using Infusionsoft the name itself will automatically change to Keap Max Classic, but in order to retain all of the functionality you’re used to… you should just stick with Keap Max Classic. If you don’t need all of the functionality that Keap Max Classic provides… then you could consider switching, but be careful doing that! You don’t want to switch over to a product with a lower price-point just to find out that you still need a particular feature.


  • Why did they choose the name Keap with an A?
    Realistically, only the Keap marketing team knows the answer to this… If I had to make a wild guess, I’d say it’s probably a mix of “Keep” being taken, and spelling it with an A makes them stand out.


  • Who is Keap ideal for?
    All of the Keap products are built to help small businesses thrive. Keap Max Classic is for businesses who need a LOT of power and customization, while the rest of the Keap line-up is designed to be an upgrade for people who have outgrown services, like Mailchimp, but who don’t really need the full power of Keap Max Classic.


  • Can I keep using Infusionsoft?
    Yes you can keep using Infusionsoft, it will just be called “Keap Max Classic” instead. All of the functionality of Infusionsoft will remain in Keap Max Classic, and the product will still be maintained and developed.


  • When did Infusionsoft become Keap?
    Infusionsoft officially revealed their name change to “Keap” on January 29th, 2019.

    They released the Keap product line at the same time and have been working on refining the entire rebrand ever since.

    It has taken quite a while to get all of the certified partners to switch over to calling it “Keap”, but it’s happening. 


  • What happened to Infusionsoft?
    When Keap Max Classic was renamed, nothing really changed other than the name. Infusionsoft technically still exists, and the rest of the new Keap products are essentially built on top of the Infusionsoft platform.


  • Is “New” Infusionsoft better than the “old” Infusionsoft?
    This depends on your specific needs, and on how you define “New Infusionsoft”. Some people in the industry refer to the newer Keap product line as the “New Infusionsoft” and those products are a better fit for certain people. For people that need the most powerful solution possible, then Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft) continues to be better than the other Keap options.


  • How much does Infusionsoft cost per month?
    Technically speaking, a better question to ask would be “How much does KEAP cost per month?”, since Infusionsoft isn’t really a thing anymore.

    KEAP pricing starts at $79 per month for Keap Lite, $149 per month for Keap Pro, and $199 per month for both Keap Max and Keap Max Classic. This starting price typically includes 1 User and up to 500 contacts. You WILL be charged $30 per month for each additional user and $30 per month for each 1,000 additional contacts UNLESS you sign up through a Certified Keap Partner, who can usually get you additional contacts, and sometimes additional users, for the same price.

    There is also a $499 Expert Coaching fee (subject to change) to help you get setup, UNLESS you sign up through a Certified Keap Partner, who can waive your setup fee for you.

    Keap Certified Partners have access to “Special Editions” of some of the various Keap products. While this sounds exciting, it mostly just means that they can get you more users, more contacts, waive your Expert Coaching fee, and occasionally get you various promotional discounts.

    For Example: Signing up for Keap Pro Special Edition for $99 per month, through us of course, will get you 2 Users (double the amount) and up to 2,500 Contacts (five times the amount of contacts) for the same price.

    Or we can also get you signed up for Infusionsoft Special Edition with 3 Users (triple the usual amount) and up to 5,000 Contacts (ten times the usual amount) for the same price.

    In addition to getting access to more Users and Contacts, Keap Partners can also include bundles of pre-built campaigns with your sign up… we give away 6 campaigns in our bundles, that way you can have everything you need to get your business going. These campaigns get automatically installed into your Keap app to make things really streamlined and easy.

    As you can see… it pays to purchase your Keap memberships through a Certified Partner (hopefully me :D)

If you need any additional help… you can schedule a free Creative Solutions Call with me and we can figure out what you need. Thanks, have a great day!


Best wishes,

Michelle Bell
CEO / Founder, Virtual Work Wife

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