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Are Your Sales Scripts Working For or Against You?

Are Your Sales Scripts Working For or Against You?   Sales scripts are a double edged sword. On one hand, they can help you present your selling points and sales rebuttals in an organized, strategic way. Used incorrectly, however, they can undermine your sales effectiveness and actually cause you to lose sales. Here’s a caveat…

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profit from day one

How To Make Your Business Profitable From Day One

The worst part about Entrepreneurship is the idea of having to wait before you become profitable.   It just feels bad putting in the work and not seeing the results up-front, and the uncertainty can be crippling.   But don’t worry! Business isn’t as intimidating and scary as it may seem, and it’s definitely possible…

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dynamic content

How To Add Dynamic Content With Keap

What Is Dynamic Or Liquid Content? Dynamic content, also known as “Liquid Content”, is content that can automatically display different types of content to different readers.   Yes, you read that right. You can send two people the same Email and have both people receive completely different Emails based on which version of the content…

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virtual work wife

Why Everyone Needs A Virtual Work Wife (Or Spouse)

In today’s workplace environment, and even outside of the workplace, social bonding is greatly limited.   This is problematic because humans are social beings and thrive in communities.   There’s even data from Gallup Research that shows how our performance is increased in our jobs when we have friends at work.   So what do…

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customerhub review

Customerhub Review: New and Improved

Membership sites and info-products are huge revenue generators these days.   Why are these such great opportunities, specifically?   It’s really pretty simple… about 93% of American adults use the internet, and the internet is a great place to get access to learning resources.   If someone wants to learn a new skill they don’t…

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double opt ins

Improving Your Marketing Results With A Double Opt-in Campaign

These days, in order to properly perform Email marketing… you NEED to get users to “opt-in”. “Opting in” is just a way for your Contacts to agree to receive marketing emails… which is a really simple concept, BUT… there’s a bit more to it than people just opting in and you spamming them with sales…

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avoiding automation

3 Reasons To Avoid Automation

At Virtual Work Wife we specialize in automation, but today I wanted to take a look at the other side of the coin and discuss some of the reasons why automation might NOT be a good fit for you.   I mean… just because one solution is great for one person… that doesn’t mean it’s…

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make money

Making More Money With Automation

Everyone wants more money, right?   Automation can help with that! It’s what I do for a living and over the years I’ve grown to really appreciate the benefits of using automation to make life easier.   If you’re thinking “I’m just a normal person, I don’t even know how I’d use automation!”… that’s exactly…

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