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At Virtual Work Wife we strive to empower women of all ages, leaders of all genders, and humans at any stage of their career path to reach their goals while maintaining work-life balance. 

Lifting people up into their own success stories is what gets us out of bed in the morning.  Having an attitude of gratitude and surrounding yourself with clients, and friends, who share in your core values is the true measure of accomplishment. 

Michelle Bell is the Founder and CEO of Virtual Work Wife, a workflow and process automation agency providing personalized solutions for any size business seeking to create more balance.

Work less  -  Make more  -  Do the things you love.  These are the core values of our agency.  

Throughout her career, Michelle has worked in-house and as a consultant for some of the largest brands, corporations, talents, and non-profits in the world including Pepsi, Hormel, Tyson Foods, Hallmark, Neil Patel, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Progressive, and more. 

Michelle built Virtual Work Wife to help busy parents like herself find creative solutions so they could work around their family schedule rather than scheduling family around work. By focusing on strategic solutions, wholistically balanced campaigns, and the belief that authentic marketing will always win over formulas, the Agency has provided not only a one-stop-shop approach to client care but also a place where talent is fostered and growth is encouraged.  Michelle’s expertise in each of the services provided by Virtual Work Wife has allowed her to consistently deliver creative optimization solutions and build a team of qualified project managers, web developers, graphic designers, and automation experts.

In 2018, Michelle also co-founded the Practitioner Business Management System with partner Jenn Malecha which provides business coaching, automation training, and consulting support to female entrepreneurs, fitness professionals, health, and lifestyle coaches who want to create successful streams of income that allow them to profit from their passion and pursue a life guided by the communities they engage with. 

The Practitioner Business Management System is a 13-week program designed to help you get clear on what makes YOU unique, how to productize and monetize your skillset, and how to build a strong foundation through automation in order to share your message with the world. It is forged on the principles Michelle and Jenn used to launch Wifeboss as a six-figure business. 

Michelle has an intuitive sense of what YOUR business needs in order to provide the authentic and genuine experience that turns clients into superfans.  

Michelle is regularly asked for her expert opinion by Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, The Institute of  Nutritional Endocrinology, Upswing Poker and she regularly appears as an expert on stage and online for Keap.

She lives in Jamul, California with her husband, children, cats and one very confused dog.  You can follow the pets on their own social channel @virtualworkpets 

Follow Michelle and her team on all socials @virtualworkwife 


Michelle Bell, CEO Virtual Work Wife
Michelle Bell, CEO Virtual Work Wife