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Are you Dreaming BIG?

But is that all your doing though? 

Have you turned your dreams into actionable steps?

Dream Big Do Bigger Book

About dream big


This book is all about accountability. It's about turning your dreams into a reality. It's one thing to dream BIG but another to do even BIGGER!

Inside this book you are provided strategic methods and guidance to truly create the life and business you want to lead and live.

We carefully and intentionally selected women experts from around the world to contribute to the Dream Big Do Bigger movement for women.

There is no perfect time to start but right now!



In This Amazing Book You will learn ...

The fundamentals of collaboration over competition

How to build an effective, positive, impacting global business

How to innovate and cultivate in your own

The 'pay it forward' concept
And so much more

And So Much More From 30+ Female Experts You Want to Know...
Including My Chapter: Total Health Turnaround to Financial Freedom!

Dream Big Do Bigger Book

Dream Big
Do Bigger

A book of Becoming An Unstoppable Woman In Health And Wellness

Becoming An Unstoppable Woman
Health & Wellness


Becoming An Unstoppable Woman

What's inside the pages of dream big Do Bigger

Being a Leader with many Leadership Styles

A servant leader decides to lead with the growth of others and the communities in which they participate. That perfectly describes my style and core value.

Create an Audience - Then Create Fans

Before you can create an audience, you need to figure out who they are, where they are, and what they want to hear. This is what your audience is wanting to hear more of from you.

Influence for Impact

There gets to be a point where you can't ignore this real problem-this legitimate worldwide health issue. After I started on my journey to educate myself and help my daughter, I realized that there was so much more work to do than just within my family.

What It Means To Be An Influencer

An influencer is someone who can persuade others to take action. They are not only great leaders but also great motivators. They have a following of people who trust their opinion and look to them for guidance.

What Is Your Why?

Why are you doing what you do? Why do you love it? Why do you want to share it?

If you can't share your why, then it's not your story.

So much more in store...


Michelle Bell, CEO and International Best Selling Author of Becoming an unstoppable Woman in Health and Wellness

Hi, I'm Michelle!

I strive to empower women of all ages, leaders of all genders, and humans at any stage of their career path to reach their goals while maintaining work-life balance.

Michelle is the Co-Founder of Health Business Boss Institute.

The Institute provides business coaching, automation training, and consulting support to female entrepreneurs, fitness professionals, health, and lifestyle coaches who want to create successful streams of income that allow them to profit from their passion and pursue a life guided by the communities they engage with.

Their signature system is a 13-week program designed to help you get clear on what makes YOU unique, how to productize and monetize your skillset, and how to build a strong foundation through automation to share your message with the world.

Michelle is the Founder and CEO of Virtual Work Wife, a Marketing Agency that offers next-level solutions. We're not your average lead generation company.
With a specialty in workflow and process automation, our agency is providing personalized solutions for any size business seeking to create more balance.
Work less - Make more - Do the things you love. These are the core values of our agency.  
Michelle built Virtual Work Wife to help busy entrepreneurs like herself find creative solutions so they could work around their family schedule rather than scheduling family around work.
By focusing on strategic solutions, wholistically balanced campaigns, and the belief that authentic marketing will always win over formulas, the Agency has provided not only a one-stop-shop approach to client care but also a place where talent is fostered and growth is encouraged.  
Michelle’s expertise in each of the services provided by Virtual Work Wife has allowed her to consistently deliver creative optimization solutions and build a team of qualified project managers, web developers, graphic designers, and automation experts.
Michelle has an intuitive sense of what YOUR business needs in order to provide the authentic and genuine experience that will turn YOUR clients into superfans.
She lives in Jamul, California with her husband, children, cats, and one very confused dog.
Dr. Allie - Health and Wellness Professional

Working my way through membership. Brilliant. Has probably saved me 10 years of writing emails.

The 5-Day Challenge campaign was a game-changer!  It would have taken me months to plan on my own and with your template, I was able to launch my Challenge in just 2 weeks and had over 160 people register for the event.

Dr. Allie M.D.

Bryce - Plus This health and wellness business support

"Wow, why haven't I worked with Michelle sooner? She's a treasure trove of knowledge on tools and resources for small businesses. She's got the smarts, the personality, and the team to do anything you need with Keap. She's the whole package!!!"
Bryce Christiansen


Luna Hart Health and Wellness Professional

Ok! I'm have one of those days where I'm completely creating the most amazing things with my Infusionsoft system! All by myself! Relaunching my cleanse, adding a class series, making upsell offers, and promo codes, updating products, and pictures, linking everything to my website etc. A year ago, I would have never thought this was possible. If you struggling with your love for Keap .... Please know there is light and clarity at the end of the tunnel!! Of course, I could’ve never arrived here without the help of Michelle!

Luna - Hart of Health