Why Everyone Needs A Virtual Work Wife (Or Spouse)

In today’s workplace environment, and even outside of the workplace, social bonding is greatly limited.


This is problematic because humans are social beings and thrive in communities.


There’s even data from Gallup Research that shows how our performance is increased in our jobs when we have friends at work.


So what do you do in a world where people are working at home and hardly go out into the world?


That’s where having a virtual “work spouse”, or more specifically a Virtual Work Wife (we’re biased) can come in handy.


What Is A Virtual Work Wife?

A “work spouse” is someone at your work, usually of the opposite gender (no judgement if they’re the same gender), that you end up forming a special bond with.


They’re basically the person at work that you’d probably get married to if you met in another situation.


We all make “friends” at work, but a relationship with a work spouse is usually closer to being in an actual relationship, and work spouses are usually the person who you go to for emotional support, not just for a laugh.


Why A Virtual Work Wife Is Beneficial

The stress of the day-to-day grind can get overwhelming sometimes. Even if you love your job, situations can arise that overwhelm you, and that’s perfectly normal.


Having someone you’re really close with can really help you stick it out and work through all the pain points.


It’s kind of like going home and venting to your wife, husband, or friends about work, except a work spouse tends to understand the issues a little more in-depth, mostly because they’re stuck in the middle of it all right beside you.


Unfortunately, Covid has made it hard to socialize, so you may need to settle for a virtual work spouse instead of an in-person one, sorry.


Our company has been named Virtual Work Wife since before Covid because we like the idea of building relationships with our Clients, and we mainly do so virtually, so with everyone being so isolated… we feel like what we do is more important than ever.


Just to be clear, we DON’T intend to actually date any of our Clients (sorry, we are all taken and we’re more interested in marketing, automation, and business than dating), BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t support other people 🙂


With all that being said… feel free to get in touch with us and start building a relationship with some really cool people (us, of course), because we just want the world to be a happier place and sometimes you just need someone that relates to you and your struggle.


Have a great day!