3 Reasons To Avoid Automation

At Virtual Work Wife we specialize in automation, but today I wanted to take a look at the other side of the coin and discuss some of the reasons why automation might NOT be a good fit for you.


I mean… just because one solution is great for one person… that doesn’t mean it’s great for everyone all the time.


With that being said, automation CAN help pretty much ANY business, but there are definitely some cases where you may want to back off a little and think about what you’re doing.


If Money Is Really Tight

There are costs involved with automating your business… that’s just the reality of it.


Some tools may claim to be “free” but there’s usually some kind of charges down the line somewhere.


Automation is great, and it can help make your business significantly more efficient, MOST of the time, but if you have absolutely zero money coming in… a person could make the argument that you might want to focus on getting some of the more fundamental problems solved in your business first.


All it takes is one paying Client… and then you can easily afford a proper automation tool, like Keap, which is what we use in our business.

Automation takes time to set up, and there’s a learning curve, so consider spending your time getting some cash flow coming in, and THEN you can just pay someone (hint: pick me!) to set it up for you to improve your efficiency.


If you’re low on cash, but you’re convinced that automation will solve the issue, there ARE some options you can explore.

For example, Keap has a 14-day free trial, which can get you started at no cost, and they are always offering promotions, which are usually something like “get 50% off for the first 3 months.”


Pro tip: Keap requires “Expert Coaching” when you become a member, which costs a couple hundred dollars typically, BUT signing up through a Keap Certified Partner can get that fee waived, saving you a ton of money up front.

Keap Certified Partners can often get you deals to save you money on features like more Users and more Contacts.


If You Think Automation Is An Out-Of-The-Box Solution

Automation can solve a TON of problems and can increase your efficiency and productivity, BUT… it requires a certain amount of setup.


Think about it this way… I’ve built an entire business around helping people automate things, and most of that involves me building campaigns, editing campaigns, or walking Clients through the process.

Keap DOES allow Certified Partners to include bundles of campaigns with the purchase of their software, which can help make it feel like more of an out-of-the-box solution, but a certain amount of setup is still going to be required.


These bundles come pre-installed, which is REALLY convenient, and they’re free of charge.


Our bundle includes 6 pre-built campaigns, but the only way to get them is to use our link to sign up for Keap, so make sure you use it if you’re signing up for Keap.


If You Don’t Have Time AND Don’t Believe In Outsourcing

Setting up automation takes time and has a learning curve.


If you’re like every other Entrepreneur out there… you probably don’t have much time, but that’s what outsourcing is for.


Some Entrepreneurs get in the habit of “wearing all the hats”, which is fine, but if you don’t have the time to learn how to use your CRM tools and you can’t set them up yourself then… outsourcing is the only practical solution.


Luckily, Keap puts a LOT of effort into creating a network of Keap Certified Partners that can help business-owners automate their businesses. 


Some of us, like me, have been using automation for over a decade and we’re capable of helping, if you let us…


If you need help, don’t be shy… I won’t bite… just get in touch and I’ll help out.