Motivational Pep Talk

Losing Your Motivation?

Don’t Quit Just Yet


About 20% of U.S. small businesses fail within the first year. By the end of their fifth year, roughly 50% have faltered.


Suddenly thinking about all those growth goals you set back in January? The fact is for most people those big ambitions start slowing to a stop by March.

Can you blame them? January’s goals can turn into anxiety-inducing guilt way easier than you think. Don’t get me wrong, they were good intentions, but by March:

  • You’re sick of struggling to do all the work yourself but don’t know how to move forward and feel lost.
  • You’re sick of juggling working with clients and scaling your business and fear you’re not doing it right.
  • You’re not seeing the dramatic changes you hoped you would.

If March has hit you in similar ways, you are obviously not alone! Nearly every one of my clients came to me in a similar situation.

“Tired of It – But Lost.” It means you’re:

  • tired of struggling to follow up with potential clients
  • tired of trying to fulfill purchases with no help
  • tired of living sale to sale with no idea how to make more money 

…while simultaneously feeling…

  • lost in managing the day to day tasks
  • lost without a step by step process to deliver and wow clients
  • lost to know how to hire and train someone to take the load off

My own experience is much of the same. I struggled to balance growing my business and being present with my kids.  Everything I tried was unsustainable because it was attached to me training someone else while also managing clients. I wanted more time for my business and my kids.

The truth is there are not enough hours in the day to be a full-time mom and full-time business owner.  Felling stuck will continue to plague you until you start automating your workflow.

Can you even imagine?

  • working only 4 hours a day?
  • filling your calendar with only qualified leads and clients who are ready to work?
  • Have a streamlined process that’s easy to hand over to your intern/assistant?

I want to work with you. I have been to the place you just imagined and have happily settled in there. You will not be a statistic. You are not a failure. My proven automation templates will help accomplish the 4-hour workday. 

Book a discovery call today and let’s start building your dream business. You are not lost anymore.