It’s Not Hoarding if it’s Digital Content

So this isn’t my normal automation or small business blog.  At least not entirely.  Tonight I took a trip down memory lane to a place I had completely forgotten about.  See I was looking for a particular file, searching my drive using random words when I stumbled upon one of my “backup” files.  In all truth, my backups are just me being a digital hoarder.  But seriously there’s gold in there somewhere I’m sure of it.  Some piece of writing genius that, when I find it, everyone will want.  Sound familiar?

We all are digital hoarders to some degree.  The thought of throwing away work we’ve put so much effort into is horrifying.

But the reality is what you created back in … dare I say it … the 1900s isn’t going to have the same impact or meaning as it would if you wrote it today.  You’ve grown.  Your industry has changed, or you’ve changed industries.

A few months ago I gave my assistant the task of organizing the files for me so I could start using all this stuff.  And by stuff, I mean over 400GB of files.  That’s roughly 35 thousand documents.  He looked at it for a while and then said he could probably write 35,000 documents faster than reading and sorting mine.  Then he twisted the knife by telling me they’d probably be better and more desirable too.  He’s special, that one. (yes he still works for me, I’m not a monster after all)

So here’s my piece of writing genius I found tonight.  Exactly as I found it.  “How to Diet Like a Dude.”  Written in 2012.  At the time my youngest was four, my marketing business was finally starting to grow, but I still had a side hustle website called “Mom Mafia.” I’m guessing I wrote this post for that website. Until tonight, I hadn’t thought about the Mafia hustle or any of the other things I tried when first starting my home-based business.

Things have certainly changed since then.  So maybe it is time to let go of my Precious … Or not.  There’s gold in those files somewhere!

How to Diet Like a Dude

Ok Ladies, how often have you heard someone say, it’s just so much easier for my husband, boyfriend, or brother to diet than it is for me.  The conception is that men have it easy when it comes to dieting.  

Is it simply a matter of genetics or could it be as simple as the way men think?  How they approach a given situation could have decidedly different results.

Here’s our guide to dieting like a guy.  It’s like they say “I can do anything a man can do, better!”

Make a plan – and Stick to it


The hunter mentality is all about planning an attack and then executing that plan.  As women, we tend to gather, to socialize, and to mull over an idea with our girlfriends until we’re sure it will work.  When it comes to dieting the more direct approach is key to being successful.  


Take the time to put together a weekly meal and exercise plan.  If you work exercise and meals into your schedule ahead of time you’re much less likely to skip a workout or go out to lunch with the ladies.  


Get the Guns

Cameron Diaz has them, and Demi Moore too.  Those super-hot arms are all muscle and all sexy.  Our men know, that pumping iron helps build muscle and muscles burn calories.  Strength training is an excellent way to tone your body and stay on the weight-loss track.  And don’t worry girls, you’re not going to bulk out like the men do, you don’t have the testosterone levels for that.  What you will get though is a toned, sleek figure and stronger bones. 



Keep it simple, seriously.  Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.  Men figured this out long ago.  Keep your meals simple too.  Let’s be honest who doesn’t love a potluck, but having too many varieties of food in one meal can actually cause you to eat more.  Skip the sauce, tell the waiter to leave the table bread in the kitchen, and keep it simple.  Removing temptations will help you eat less.  


For Pet’s sake EAT

Have you ever seen your man skip a meal?  NO!  And guess what?  They’re winning.  Eating regularly keeps your metabolism revved.  If you’re skipping meals to save calories, STOP.  It doesn’t work.  In fact it could be working against you, causing your body to store more fat.  Eat three sensible meals and have two light snacks each and every day.  Your metabolism will reward you for it. 

Eat More Protein

What man doesn’t love to char and devour a big juicy steak?  Or eat an omelet the size of your head?  They’re actually on to something here.  Obviously when you’re dieting portion control is an issue but adding protein to each meal is essential for building lean muscle and supercharging your metabolism, which in turn promotes weight loss. And the bonus is proteins make you feel full.  

Protein doesn’t have to come from meat; Greek yogurt is just one example of an alternate source of protein.  Switching out Greek yogurt for sour cream is an excellent way to add flavor, and protein, to an otherwise plain salad. 

You’re a Superhero, so who’s your sidekick? 

Men have the pack mentality.  They play team sports; they have “drinking buddies” and love their social gaming community (who here doesn’t have a man playing the latest Halo game?).  So what does all this mean?  


When it comes to exercise, in their world it’s fun.  Someone else is always there to spot them at the gym or slap them on the back for scoring.  Ladies take a page from their playbook and find a sidekick to work out and/or diet with.  There is safety and support in numbers.  Are you really going to wuss out of yoga today if you know you’re sidekick is waiting for you?  


Get over it 

Ever argue with a man?  Of course you have!  And an hour later he’s over it and you’re still fuming, right?!?  Well, when it comes to dieting and slipping up on your diet it’s better to have the man mentality and just get over it. 


If a dude cheats on his diet he’s already forgotten it and moved on by the next meal.  Ladies, there isn’t any room for dwelling on your mistakes when dieting.  Feeling guilty about food is giving food an emotional hold over you.  GET OVER IT.  Acknowledge the mistake and move on.  Approach your very next meal with a renewed sense of determination and make smart choices.