Getting The Most Out of Your Marketing and Workflow Campaigns

(For transparency, the keap/infusionsoft link below is an affiliate link, and using it will get you a discount and earn us a commission.)
There’s a pretty big difference between creating campaigns that deliver content and campaigns that tell you what your leads and customers are doing.

I recently had the privilege to talk about the differences and teach my methods for getting better report details out of campaigns during a Keap (Formerly known as Infusionsoft) Automation Hour session.  here’s the video:

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About the Author,
Michelle Bell

Michelle Bell is a Marketing Automation Expert and Infusionsoft Certified Partner with a passion for creative solutions. She excels at identifying needs and resolving them, creative and genuine communication, understanding business process efficiency, simplifying the complicated, facilitating relationships, and being herself in all things. She began her career in finance, later moving into regulatory affairs for the local public utilities, before finding her passion for working with small businesses and coaches. Michelle is all about family and believes you build work around your life, not vice versa!