Creating Jobs During Tough Times

hiring workflow automation

As an entrepreneur or small business owner you probably already know, the more successful you are, the more jobs you are able to create.  It might even be on your vision board … HIRE MORE PEOPLE. But what happens when there’s an economic downturn?  Your business may struggle and your employees might become concerned. The…

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How To Have More Fun In Your Career

having fun

Freedom Is Important Chances are, you aren’t going to stumble across a job that you find really fun. It’s possible, but it takes work.   They usually start off fairly interesting, and then over time, you start getting sick of all the tedious little things that make your job boring.   The problem with conventional…

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7 Essentials For Increasing Conversions


Whether you’re just starting, or you’ve been in business for a while, increasing your conversions should always be a primary concern. While a “spray and pray” approach, where you just try random things and hope for the best, technically CAN produce positive results… it’s much more efficient to be deliberate and calculated. Luckily, there are…

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Don’t forget about retargeting!


There are a LOT of little concepts an entrepreneur needs to be aware of… and sometimes, it can get pretty overwhelming.   This is especially true when you’re wearing all the hats yourself.   It’s VERY easy to get caught up in making products, networking, and getting sales, all of which are full-time jobs that…

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3 Ways To Make Running Your Business Much Easier

making business easier

Being an Entrepreneur, especially a Solopreneur, can be VERY demanding sometimes.   Most Entrepreneurs go through a phase where they work excessive amounts of hours, don’t take days off, and to top it off… they make running their business more complicated than it needs to be.   Luckily for you, I’m going to share 3…

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How To Increase The Amount Of Family Time You Have

Everyone knows that family time is extremely important, yet we seem to get ourselves stuck in situations where we get very limited amounts of family time.   It’s nothing to be ashamed about, we all are in the same boat, but there IS a solution.   Before you read any further, understand that NOTHING is…

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Save Time By Automating Your Hiring Workflow

Hiring automation

As a small business owner, the struggle to find time is real…   You are always in a position where there are 1,000 things to do, but you only have the time to do 500 of them.   Luckily, there ARE some actions you can take to reduce the time requirement involved in some of…

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Webinar Replay – Better Hiring Through Automation

Today was another great day for Automation Hours.  I got the chance to show off one of my favorite campaigns; Hiring Workflow.  Check out the replay and you can learn all about how using a workflow campaign can make hiring easier, less time-consuming, and more effective.   If you want access to our campaigns, make…

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How To Easily Make Your Branding Consistent

Branding guide template

Why Brand Consistency Matters When you’re driving on the freeway and see the Mcdonald’s arches, you know immediately that there’s a Mcdonald’s nearby. You don’t have to read a sign or ask anyone for directions, you know exactly where it is and what they have to offer you. You may not even like Mcdonald’s. You…

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The Advantages Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant

What Is A Virtual Assistant (VA)? A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a home-based independent contractor (self-employed) who provides business support needs from a distance via email, fax, telephone, etc.  Depending on the needs of the client, a VA may also provide onsite services. In most cases, a VA is the CEO of his/her own company,…

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